Platform Description Audience Best for Important Features
Facebook Largest social platform in the world. All Humanizing brands through storytelling. High quality visuals and conversational engagement with audiences. Photo and video use is extremely, especially live video and interactive panorama photography. Make sure photo/video is top quality. Hashtags are not often used. When possible, leverage tagging of followers or other pages in photos or posts.
Instagram Social networking with photos. 18–25 High-quality visual storytelling, including campus scenery and nostalgic photos. Photo and video must be compelling. Hashtags and emojis are used frequently. Tag followers and locations in photos when possible.
Twitter Real time social sharing with only 140 characters All Showcasing influence and relevancy via real-time sharing of news and trendings topics Tweets should include a photo always. Hashtags and emojis are used frequently. Tag accounts in photos when possible
LinkedIn Professional networking 30–55 Business oriented news, social and economic impact on the job force, such as job placement and business partnerships. Impact and relevance are important. Tag major businesses when possible. Leverage influential alumni and use of groups.
Snapchat Image messaging and multimedia mobile app 13–25 Tours or behind the scenes peeks at events or locations. Quality is not as important as timeliness. Emojis and filters are used frequently. Consider branded filters for major events or locations.
YouTube Global video-sharing website All Hosting and archiving video Leverage the description area for SEO perks.
Pinterest Content aggregating social site 24–34 (women) Collecting user created DIY topics and posts Give credit and active links for every post.
Google+ Social network owned by Google, integrates with most of their apps All News and press releases Tied to Google search so be descriptive with your post to boost SEO
Tumblr Social micro blog 18–24 Blogging, serving posts to other social sites  
Flickr Online photo management and sharing All Hosting and archiving photo galleries  
YikYak An anonymous message board app for people in a 10-mile radius. 13–25 Listening to campus issues