Institutional Style

The Division of Marketing & Communications uses the Associated Press Stylebook as a guide for journalistic copy. If you are writing a news release about the university, let AP be your guide.

For more formal, literary or academic writing, the Chicago Manual of Style is standard.

The Institutional Style Guide, also known as the UGA Editorial Style Guide, is intended to help achieve consistency, but style can always change with usage or context. These rules are not set in concrete. They may be adapted—or even ignored—when necessary for clarity, accuracy and precision.

Brand Positioning

Our brand positioning must answer four important questions in one succinct statement.

Who are we? The University of Georgia
What do we do? tackles the most pressing issues of our time,
How do we do it? by inspiring those who will lead, discover and serve
Why does it matter? on a relentless pursuit to improve our world.

Institutional Messaging Map

Our messaging map organizes key messages into a hierarchy to ensure that our communications are clear, consistent and compelling. The messaging map prescribes what we say. Our voice is how we say it.

University of Georgia messaging map

The University of Georgia inspires those who will lead, discover and serve through…

student-centered teaching

  • experiential learning
  • research at all levels
  • leadership and entrepreneurship
  • committed faculty

a people-centered culture

  • a collaborative spirit
  • an inclusive community
  • passionate and respectful
  • service-oriented

human-centered research

  • that people need
  • that improves lives
  • that brings products to market
  • that safeguards the future

…because together we are on a relentless pursuit to improve the world through…

a higher-quality of learning.

  • is relevant
  • is forward-looking
  • instills confidence
  • fuels opportunity

a new quality of leader.

  • strong character
  • in-demand skills
  • communications savvy
  • courageous

a better quality of life.

  • stronger communities
  • growing economies
  • thriving environments
  • improved health and wellness for all

Brand Narrative

This is the core of the University of Georgia story. This narrative guides our voice, supports our core messaging and supplies us with words and phrases we can use to build communications that reach and inspire all our audiences. It elevates our strengths, identifies what our audiences can expect from us and forms the basis of an ownable, unique identity for the university.

At the heart of all we do is heart.
And it’s the love we share for our students, for the state of Georgia
and for the people of the world
that turns every potential possibility into something truly possible.

This is why we’re solving grand global challenges.
This is how we’re serving communities and improving human lives.
And this is the reason we give our students every opportunity to do more, achieve more and become more.

We share a deep sense of duty and dedication.
We acknowledge the past while we look to the future.
We embrace the challenges that push us way past our comfort zones—into disaster zones, combat zones, end zones and every time zone.

Wherever people are suffering,
whenever communities are looking for stronger leaders
and whenever the world cries out for those who will bring better solutions, we are there to answer the call to service.
It’s more than our mission.
More than our passion.
It’s our commitment.

A commitment to our future.
A commitment to each other.
A commitment to a better world.
A commitment we hold close to our hearts.

Commit to greatness.


Audience Constituents Objective
The Georgia Family
  • Current students and families
  • Faculty
  • Staff and administration
  • Build alignment around Georgia’s umbrella brand story and comprehensive offer.
The Extended Family
  • Alumni and donors
  • Residents and communities in the state of Georgia
  • Bulldog fans
  • Employers in the state of Georgia
  • Civic Leaders
  • Enhance the reputation of the university and strengthen engagement and advocacy for the institution beyond athletics.
The Future Georgia Family
  • Prospective students and their families
  • Enhance the reputation of the university and strengthen engagement and advocacy for the institution beyond athletics.
  • Generate greater visibility for Georgia, building stronger relationships and partnerships.
The Public
  • Peer institutions
  • Press and media
  • National and international employers
  • Research funders
  • Institutional donors
  • Others
  • Generate greater visibility for Georgia, building stronger relationships and partnerships.

Voice and Tone

Our message includes so much more than what we say; it is also how we say it. These characteristics give shape to our voice. A compelling and recognizable voice gives our message greater permanence and credibility. Through the words we choose and how we choose to employ them, we can maintain a consistent tone in crafting a story that feels personal and real.

We are:

  • Confident, but not Cocky
  • Earnest, but not Humorless
  • Humble, but not Self-Deprecating
  • Direct, but not Pushy
  • Inspiring, but not Didactic
  • Ambitious, but not Overreaching
  • Smart, but not Pretentious
  • Matter-of-Fact, but not Blunt


Like a person, our brand has a personality made up of rational and emotional qualities. Each trait provides context for how we communicate. These six personality traits will drive the voice and image for all Georgia communications.

In the past, the brand has felt…

  • Nurturing
    We are personable, supportive and invested in others, as well as easygoing, kind and respectful.
  • Optimistic
    We are hopeful, and we envision a better world that we are helping make possible.
  • Time-Honored
    We are guided by a respect for history, tradition and our Southern roots.

Moving forward, we want to stretch the brand so it also feels…

  • Tenacious
    We are ambitious, and we never stop searching for better answers and bigger solutions.
  • Focused
    We are intentional and doggedly determined, guided by a clarity of purpose.
  • Committed
    We are deeply invested, and our conviction—to our students, our state and our world—is unwavering.

Writing for Different Audiences

Our brand has a number of different audiences, and it is important to ensure that our voice can flex to address and accommodate all of them. The way we talk to a prospective student will be different from how we talk to alumni or donors. So we alter our tone accordingly to speak to all our audiences without losing our brand personality or our effectiveness.

Audience Dominant Personality Traits Example Content
Prospective Undergraduate & Graduate Students Pragmatic and optimistic. Energized and motivated. Actively seeking to apply hard work and skill to address society’s needs. Reflecting the innate nature of the students of the University of Georgia. You have what it takes. Commit to it.
You know you have greatness within you. And at the University of Georgia, you’ll join a community of thinkers, leaders and challengers who are determined to help society take its next step forward. This is your time. Unleash the greatness within.
Current Students Spirited and intellectually curious. Ready to apply the lessons they are learning in the classroom to the world. Not afraid of a challenge and ready to commit to forging solutions for their community. The moment when you realize justice is worth fighting for.
Every spring break, students at the University of Georgia have a choice. Pack a swimsuit and hit the beach, or don a pair of work gloves and start getting dirty. And while plenty choose the sand and the surf, just as many choose to get involved in Georgia’s IMPACT Service Breaks. From addressing homelessness in the nation’s capital to learning about and fighting human trafficking in the Deep South, service programs are one way students at Georgia are unleashing their greatness within.
Faculty & Staff Loyal and driven. A strong culture of collaboration and a deep sense of pride in their role at UGA. Clean, sustainable solutions for our waterways. That’s our commitment.
When the Deepwater Horizon oil spill took place in 2010, Georgia researchers were among the first to respond. From coordinating recovery and cleanup efforts to monitoring the long-term effects on the Gulf of Mexico’s fragile ecosystem, the University of Georgia was there, making an impact. Because our commitment is not just to our community—it’s to the whole world.
Alumni & Donors Sincere and values-driven. Rooted in a strong foundation. Speaking to UGA’s strong and long-lasting heritage. Our Georgia roots run deep. And so does our commitment.
Because all of us who graduated here share something thicker than blood and greater than ourselves. It’s our commitment to greatness that binds us, no matter where we are or what we’re doing. Here, at the University of Georgia, we all looked deep within ourselves to discover our greatness. And, as Bulldogs, we go forth into world fully committed to using our greatness for good.
Georgia Residents Proud and humble. Drawn to the University of Georgia as a point of pride for their state. Where others waver, we stand firm.
The University of Georgia isn’t known for backing down. Whether it’s fighting infectious diseases or traveling to the ends of the earth to save an endangered species, the University of Georgia works relentlessly to unleash the greatness within our great state. From Athens to Atlanta, Savannah to Valdosta, we stand proud in our commitment to Georgia and beyond.
Civic Leaders Analytical and results-oriented. Looking to see that state investment and funding in Georgia are being put to good use. Want to be able to feel proud of the university. Finding a cure for Zika. That’s our commitment.
At the University of Georgia, we’re doing important things—like finding a cure for a virus the World Health Organization has called “an international health emergency.” Through collaborative research agreements with organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and GeoVax, Georgia researchers will be able to devote more time and resources to turning the tables on Zika.

Key Strategic Brand Messages

A strategic messaging framework was created to identify and outline the university’s priority messages. These strategic messages help us tell the comprehensive story of the university.

Strategic Message Messaging Value Proposition Brand Alignment Proof Points Innovation Alignment Downloadable Assets
Leadership (Birthplace) As the birthplace of public higher education in America, the University of Georgia changed the world by sparking a national movement to provide access to a world-class education. Leaders who come from UGA have transformed our society.
  • A new quality of leader
  • First state-chartered land-and sea-grant
  • Legacy & Tradition
  • Peabody Awards (founder & home)
  • Georgia Groundbreakers (iconic leaders)
True to our land-grant roots, we are a catalyst for action as our research and scholarship flows freely into society, improving quality of life. Download
Academic Excellence The University of Georgia continues to excel in national rankings, research endeavors and program offerings.
  • A higher quality of learning
  • Faculty membership in national academies & other awards
  • Rhodes Scholars & other student awards
  • Best Colleges rankings
  • Competitively funded federal research
  • Incoming class profile
  • Top-rated honors program
Expand student experience with new internships, research opportunities and programs (Startup-Mentor & Dawg Camp Innovate). Download
Great Commitments The University of Georgia conducts human-centered research that leads to a better quality of life, focused on:

  • Healthier people.
  • A more secure future.
  • Stronger communities.
  • A better quality of life
  • Solutions for deadly diseases
  • Improving public health
  • Longer, healthier lives
  • Dependable food supply
  • Viable land and waterways
  • Cyber and global security
  • Effective leadership
  • Community vitality
  • Stronger families
Turn breakthrough ideas and novel solutions into new products, businesses and non profits (Fellows, Interdisciplinary Seed Grants). Download
Economic Vitality The University of Georgia’s commitment to innovation generates economic prosperity and business growth throughout the state of Georgia and beyond.
  • A better quality of life
  • Innovation & entrepreneurship
  • Workforce development
  • Statewide resource connection, with focus on rural Georgia
  • Business formation and growth
  • Corporate partnerships
  • Improved businesses, economic growth and communities
  • Technology Transfer
Improve the economy by fostering industry partnerships and engagement, technology commercialization, and startup formation. Download
Value The University of Georgia offers an exceptional college experience, inside the classroom and out, and career preparation opportunities at an incredible value.
  • A higher quality of learning
  • Career outcomes
  • Retention and graduation rates
  • Value rankings
  • Experiential learning program (internships, study abroad, faculty mentored research, service learning)
  • Double Dawgs
  • Mentorships
  • Georgia Commitment Scholarships
Develop student skills to be competitive in and contribute to our knowledge-based economy. Download

Strategic Messaging Framework [PDF]

Brand Language


The University of Georgia’s boilerplate is standardized copy that unifies outward facing communications around core university brand pillars. A general institutional message provides a hub around which other copy can be built.


  • Academic / Institutional
  • Outreach and development relations
  • Government / Business Relations
  • Research and technological innovation
  • Educators, prospective students and families
  • Alumni, partners and fans


  • Press releases
  • Marketing collateral and other related communications
  • Wikipedia content
  • Social media posts
  • General press statements

Full Boilerplate for General Use

Chartered by the state of Georgia in 1785, the University of Georgia is the birthplace of public higher education in America—launching our nation’s great tradition of world-class public education. What began as a commitment to inspire the next generation grows stronger today through global research, hands-on learning and extensive outreach. A top value in public higher education and research, the University of Georgia tackles some of the world’s grand challenges, from combating infectious diseases and creating a dependable food supply to advancing economic growth and strengthening cyber and global security.

As Georgia’s flagship institution, the university is recognized for its commitment to student excellence through an emphasis on rigorous learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom, including hands-on research and leadership opportunities. These experiences contribute to the university’s exceptional rates in retention, graduation and career placement. Among public universities, the University of Georgia has been one of the nation’s top three producers of Rhodes Scholars over the past two decades, and its honors program is ranked as one of the top 10 in the country. The university is also home to the Peabody Awards, the most prestigious prize in electronic media.

Scholars at the University of Georgia are committed to improving quality of life for all and are leaders in pivotal fields, such as vaccine development, regenerative medicine, plant sciences and more. One of the nation’s top universities for technology commercialization, the University of Georgia ranked No. 1 in 2017 for total products reaching the market, with more than 725 products to date derived from university research. The University of Georgia has been in the Top 20 public universities in overall licensing revenue for 14 consecutive years, ranking No. 12 among public universities and No. 31 overall in 2017.

With its comprehensive reach, the university’s 17 colleges and schools enroll more than 37,000 students and have produced over 315,000 alumni living worldwide. The University of Georgia’s initiatives extend globally while touching every corner of the state, realizing the university’s land- and sea-grant missions. The university’s eight Public Service and Outreach units, which are among the strongest in the nation, help create jobs, develop leaders and address critical challenges. Research, outreach and extension serve as major drivers of economic and workforce development and spark successful partnerships that create new businesses and train the workforce of tomorrow.

The university’s threefold teaching, research and service mission spans the globe with campuses in five Georgia locations, Washington, D.C., England and Italy, as well as partnerships in more than 50 countries on six continents.

Located in the Classic City of Athens, approximately an hour northeast of Atlanta, the university thrives in a community that combines a culture-rich college town with a strong economic center. The campus is home to nearly 800 registered student and service organizations. The university’s athletic programs—21 varsity athletic teams competing as the Georgia Bulldogs—are among the most successful in NCAA Division I, and its English bulldog mascot, Uga, consistently ranks as one of the nation’s most recognizable mascots.

At the University of Georgia, it’s more than a mission. It’s a commitment we make to our students, the state of Georgia and the world.

Marketing Boilerplate for Shorter Form Use

Chartered by the state of Georgia in 1785, the University of Georgia is the birthplace of public higher education in America—launching our nation’s great tradition of world-class public education. What began as a commitment to inspire the next generation grows stronger today through global research, hands-on learning and extensive outreach. A top value in public higher education, Georgia’s flagship university thrives in a community that combines a culture-rich college town with a strong economic center.


Powerful headlines can do considerable work in carrying our messaging and personality. Bold and interesting headlines compel our audiences to read further and listen to what we have to say. Use them to command attention and make a strong statement.

The headline frameworks on this page can help you stay on brand and maintain consistency in our language. Note that these examples are meant to be thought starters for communicators. Not every headline should follow these constructions or include the word “commit,” so feel free to mix things up with these frameworks as your guide.


“COMMIT TO ________.”

Simple, bold and to the point. This construction allows the headline to make a big declaration that we pay off in the body copy.

  • Commit to better solutions.
  • Commit to what inspires you.
  • Commit to each other.


This adds a little more detail to the challenge and calls the reader’s attention to their potential within.

  • You have greatness within you. Commit to it.
  • You have passion within you. Commit to it.


We have powerful stories, and the people behind them have a lot to tell the world. Find stories that showcase the Georgia commitment.

  • Finding a cure for Zika. That’s my commitment.
  • Another championship for Georgia. That’s my commitment.
  • Stronger, healthier communities. That’s our commitment.


The University Georgia is a crossroads where our commitment to greatness meets the attributes that enable us to achieve incredible breakthroughs. This framework highlights these attributes and allows us to tell the stories behind them.

  • Where commitment meets creativity.
  • Where commitment meets justice.
  • Where commitment meets conservation.
  • Where commitment meets public health.

“IT’S MORE THAN ________. IT’S ________.”

It is the love we have for our students, our state and our world that pushes us to seize every opportunity and exceed expectations in the work we do.

  • It’s more than a passion. It’s our calling.
  • It’s more than a cure. It’s an entire new world for patients.
  • It’s more than an undefeated season. It’s a legacy extended.

“TO THE ________, ________ AND ________, WE SEE YOU.”

We have the top students and brightest minds at the University of Georgia. This structure is a call to the best prospective students and talented faculty out there, inviting them to join our motivated community and pursue their passions.

  • To the risk-takers, entrepreneurs and big-doers, we see you.
  • To the hard-workers, culture-shapers and tech innovators, we see you.
  • To the heavy-lifters, the night owls and the early risers, we see you.

“WHERE OTHERS ________, WE ________.”

It is evident in our relentless drive on the athletic field: We are a competitive institution. Our hard work and dedication to discovery separate us from the pack. With this construction, we demonstrate how our story differentiates us from our competitors.

  • Where others give up, we stand our ground.
  • Where others drift apart, we come together.
  • Where others walk away, we step forward.

“THE MOMENT WHEN ________.”

We never forget the true motivation for all we do, the moments from ordinary life that shift perspective and make everything clear. It is a product of working tenaciously every day. We should shine the spotlight on these moments to show the infinite possibilities and ways we achieve greatness at the University of Georgia.

  • The moment when you discover how to save a species.
  • The moment when you go further than you ever thought you could.
  • The moment when you wanted to give up but didn’t.
  • The moment when you find a way to give an entire community sustainable resources.

Guidelines for Writing Content

Regardless of what you are writing, you want to make sure your message—and our voice— rings clear. Follow these tips when you are creating content to ensure that the spirit Georgia comes through.

Know your audience.

Identify the audience you are trying to reach or nothing you say will reach them.

Focus on one thing.

Emphasize a single message. Include more and your readers will either fail to retain what they have read or stop reading.

Make it personal.

It is important to establish a personal connection in all our communications. Use the second-person “you” and “your” to engage and motivate.

Avoid jargon.

Write clearly and keep your language personable. Jargon has its place, but our communications are not it.

Stay out of the past.

Amazing things are happening at Georgia right now. Use an active voice to tell the world about it.

Give the reader something to do.

Always include a clear call to action.

Choose wisely.

Every communication need not contain every detail. Focus on what is both important and relevant—clutter just gets in the way of our message.

Incorporate some white space.

During reading, the eye needs places to rest, so the reader can digest information and understand the message. Work with a designer to ensure that your content is well organized and makes good use of white space.

Avoid clichés.

It is easy to resort to clichés. At first blush, they sound catchy. But they should be avoided. Use personality to our advantage by being original and engaging.

Do not force excitement.

If the message is not something we would yell, it does not deserve an exclamation point. Use this mark extremely sparingly or, better yet, not at all.

UGA News Headline Guidelines

For a News Release

Follow standard headline guidelines. This hed should be a quick way of getting to the point. Headline/subhead combos work great for longer headlines. This headline or hed/subhed combination will appear on the news release disseminated to media and posted on Newswise and, if appropriate, EurekAlert.

Headlines are often used as email subjects.

For UGA Today

These should be a rewritten/shortened version of the news release headline.

Top story: About 50 characters or about 7 words. These need a subhed of no more than 80 characters or 12 words max.

Lead story: Up to 65 characters, about 10 or 11 words max. This should be the Top Story headline with a couple of words added. The subhead does not appear on the home page unless changed to a different lead story format. This is done when the subhed will add vital information to the main hed.

For the News Panel on the UGA Homepage

Just 2 to 4 words, no more than 25 characters. It can be a label hed.


Columns staff will use the news release or top story headline and reword it if needed for space.

For feature stories on pages 1, 3 and 7 of Columns, a headline/dek combo is needed.

If no main headline is submitted with the story, a 2-3 word main headline will be added on the page layout and the news release or top story headline will be used as the dek.

When Columns staff are provided headlines that are too long—or too short—for the page layout, the headlines are rewritten to fit.

When pre-approved headlines on stories from certain offices are rewritten for Columns, this information is shared with the appropriate person in the President’s Office.

UGA Today right rail email

These are about 15 characters per line, with 2 or 3 lines. These headlines are written on the spot when building the newsletter using as much of the UGA Today headline as possible.