• Strengthen awareness of the University of Georgia’s vast resources and programs that support return on investment, student support and post-graduation success.

  • Increase visibility of the commitment to experiential learning and our focus on affordability.
  • Gain appropriate credit and recognition for the university’s role in preparing leaders and providing opportunities.

  • Establish value and opportunity as core differentiating factors for UGA among target audiences.

  • Encourage access to and use of the university’s relevant resources and programs.

Key Pillar Messaging

The messaging derives from and reinforces the University of Georgia master brand positioning.

Core Message

Our valuable educational experiences prepare our graduates for extraordinary lives and careers.

Proof Points


  • Top Public University according to U.S. News and World Report
  • Experiential Learning opportunities for each undergraduate
  • Small-Class Initiatives means more faculty to give one-on-one instruction similar to a private institution

Career Preparation

  • High placement rates after graduation
  • Exploratory Center helps students commit to majors.
  • Vast alumni network

Student Life

  • 800+ student organizations
  • Athens has been ranked as a top college town on multiple national lists

Financial Benefit

  • HOPE Scholarship for in-state students
  • Double Dawgs program
  • Multiple fellowships and scholarships offered across campus


  • Current and prospective students and their families
  • Civic thought leaders
  • Business community


Messaging Tone

Our message includes so much more than what we say; it is also how we say it. Through the words we choose and how we choose to employ them, we can maintain a consistent voice and contextually relevant tone to craft a story that feels personal and real.

Voice Characteristics

Inspired by elements of the brand personality, voice characteristics define how the brand sounds.

Primary Characteristics

We are dedicated and deeply invested in our mission. We are driven to succeed and focused on finding solutions.
We are all heart at UGA. Our love for students, the state of Georgia and the people of the world make anything possible.

Other Characteristics

  • Bright/Smart
    We are leaders and world-class researchers. Our ideas change lives.
  • Confident
    We are equipped, optimistic and ready to take on the future.
  • Inspiring
    We are forward-thinking, always innovating and hopeful for tomorrow.
  • World-Class
    We place a high value on excellence and leading in every arena, setting the bar for others who look to UGA as the gold standard.

Messaging Narrative

This is the core of the Value and Experience messaging. The ideas within this narrative guide our voice, inform the words we use, and inspire communications that resonate with all our audiences. The narrative can help us elevate our strengths and identify what our audiences can expect from us. At its core, the messaging narrative articulates the basis of an ownable, unique identity for the Value and Experience messaging.

As the University of Georgia, we provide opportunities that change lives and launch careers.

Our innovative learning environment ensures student success both in the classroom and the real world.

From our Double Dawgs program, which fast-tracks students to degree completion, to our Exploratory Center, which guides them through academic and career planning, UGA is offering the best possible route to professional excellence.

Our focus on experiential learning also sets us apart as we are one of the largest public institutions to offer hands-on learning opportunities, such as internships, research experiences, and study abroad, to 100% of our students.

Students who graduate from the University of Georgia are well-versed in putting academics into action, ensuring a smoother path to graduation and a successful transition into the workforce.

Messaging Headlines and Copy

Powerful headlines can do considerable work in carrying out our messaging and personality. Bold and interesting headlines compel our audiences to read further and listen to what we have to say. Use them to command attention and make a strong statement.

These are meant to be thought starters for communicators, so feel free to mix things up, with these frameworks as your guide.


Pairing strong headlines with compelling body copy is the most effective way we can convey our message and personality. Here are some examples that show how to effectively and powerfully communication statistics, information and results from the Value and Experience pillar.

Empowering _______ (a versatile workforce, the future of Georgia, students to succeed in the real world).
Empowering students to succeed in the real world.

A University of Georgia investment has an outstanding return, with students turning classroom and hands-on learning experiences into promising careers. Experts agree: UGA is one of the top “best value” public universities in the country, according to Kiplinger’s and U.S. News and World Report.

Opportunities that _______ (change lives, serve Georgia, launch careers).
Opportunities that launch careers.

The University of Georgia is one of the largest universities to require experiential learning opportunities for all undergraduate students. That’s because we invest as much in our students as we want them to put out in the world. Our students extend their learning beyond the classroom through real-world professional experiences, research fellowships, study abroad programs and more.

Transforming _______ into _______ (learners/ leaders, initiative/ opportunities, students/ community).
Transforming learners into leaders.

Starting ahead means staying ahead when it comes to degree completion and a professional career. 92% of UGA students are employed or enrolled in graduate school within six months of graduation. Our hands-on learning methods, new academic advising initiatives and networking opportunities are just a few of the resources that advance our students early into their bright futures.


Our color palette helps people identify us at a glance, and the way we use color sets the mood for each of our pieces, bringing an energy and vibrancy to our communications.

The primary brand palette for the Leadership messaging uses our main university colors, Arch Black and Bulldog Red.


When it is used thoughtfully, typography becomes a powerful brand tool that can add visual meaning to what we communicate. Georgia’s typography communicates clearly and cleanly, and is flexible for a wide range of situations.


Primary Serif


For more sophisticated situations, Merriweather, our serif font family, is available. It works best for headlines and body copy.

Secondary Sans-Serif


Oswald is our primary sans-serif family and a workhorse for our communications.

Special Considerations

  • Headlines —Merriweather bold 
  • Subheads —Merriweather italic 
  • Body copy —Merriweather regular


Our photography style is bright, warm and intimate, with images that use natural light whenever possible. Light is also an active element in our photography, sometimes to the point of slight overexposure. To avoid unnatural angles, never rotate the camera to an angle other than 90 degrees. 

Our photography can be broken down into four subject categories: campus, details, portraits and slice of life. 

Examples in this style have primarily focused on slice of life images and portraits, but all four subject categories are applicable.

Value and Experience Assets

Graphic Elements

The Value and Experience Messaging style uses unique graphic elements to distinguish us visually from other messaging and campaigns. See the examples for usage and implementation suggestions.

Value and Experience Assets


The Value and Experience Asset Portal contains examples for using and designing images, graphic elements, and messaging copy. Use these examples to keep the brand voice and style consistent across various marketing elements.

Value and Experience Assets