First reference: University of Georgia School of Law.

On Second Reference

School of Law, law school.

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Schools and Colleges

The academic unit is the College of Pharmacy—and so is the building.

For the building, use Wilson College of Pharmacy on first reference and pharmacy building on second reference.

For the academic unit, use College of Pharmacy on first reference and pharmacy college or the college on second reference.

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The first name and initial may be omitted in all but the most formal writing, such as commencement programs. Do not use D.B. Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources.

Informal and second reference is the school, the forestry and natural resources school or the Warnell School.

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Schools and Colleges

Capitalize the full, formal names of UGA schools and colleges. If the college is named after someone, include the honoree’s last name; first names and initials need be included only in the most formal settings, such as Honors Day or Commencement programs. Where possible, use full names on first reference and informal names thereafter. See entries for the individual colleges and schools for specific second references.

On first reference in written publications for external audiences, preface the name of the school or college with “the University of Georgia” unless the full university name has been used earlier. On second reference, informal names (law school, education college, veterinary college) are lower case.

Always use chronological order by founding date for formal listing of the university’s schools and colleges:

The Augusta University/University of Georgia Medical Partnership was established in 2009. Although it is not a school or college, it is headed by a campus dean.

The distinction between schools and colleges is, in general, one of breadth: colleges consist of multiple academic units, schools of one or two. Do not call a college a school.

Several “schools” are in fact units (departments or groups of departments) within one of these colleges or schools; capitalize them. The Hugh Hodgson School of Music and the Lamar Dodd School of Art are units of the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences; the Tull School of Accounting is a department of the Terry College of Business. The School of Marine Programs coordinates several separate programs in marine sciences.

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