The building includes 26 classrooms and 96 small study rooms, and electronic library and 500 public-access computers. The building also has a reading room and coffee shop.

It is named for Miller, who has worked in public service for 60 years including two terms as governor of Georgia from 1991 to 1999 and four years in the U.S. Senate.

Miller earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in political science from UGA.

A hallmark of his gubernatorial administration was the creation of the HOPE Scholarship, which has provided more than $4 billion in college scholarships to more than one million Georgia students.

On Second Reference

the center or the MLC.


Full, formal name: the Jane and Harry Willson Center for Humanities and Arts. Willson Center for Humanities and Arts is acceptable on first reference for internal audiences. Do not use the former name, Center for Humanities and Arts.

On Second Reference

the center.


No apostrophe; capitalized.

CapitalizationCentersPreferred Spelling

Do not use UGA Childcare Center.

This facility, on the Health Sciences Campus, serves the children of university faculty, staff and students, ages 6 weeks through 4 years.

Buildings and LocationsCentersDepartments/Offices/Units

Name of both the service and the building.

On Second Reference

Use health center.

Buildings and LocationsCenters

Full, formal name is William Tate Student Center but Tate Student Center is acceptable on all references.

On Second Reference

Do not use Tate Center, even on second reference.