Lower case except for named awards: He received a scholarship from the company. She received the Acme Scholarship.


Lower case (regents’ test) on second reference.

CapitalizationPreferred Spelling

Lower case except when used as a title before a name. Jane T. Doe has been registrar at UGA for several years.

CapitalizationTitles and Names

The academic unit is the College of Pharmacy—and so is the building.

For the building, use Wilson College of Pharmacy on first reference and pharmacy building on second reference.

For the academic unit, use College of Pharmacy on first reference and pharmacy college or the college on second reference.

Buildings and LocationsCapitalizationSchools and Colleges

There are three basic academic ranks: assistant professor, associate professor and professor (sometimes called “full professor”). Promotion from one level to the next depends on the candidate’s record in fulfilling assigned responsibilities of teaching, research and service; the decision is made by the candidate’s department and submitted to higher levels of the administrative structure for approval or rejection. The complex rules and policies governing the process are overseen by the academic affairs office.

A named professorship, often but not always created by and named for the donor of the funds setting up the endowment which supports it, is called a chair. Titles of named professorships are capitalized (Grendel Professor of Family Law); regular professorial positions are lower case (She is an associate professor of law).

CapitalizationTitles and Names

Plural possessive; upper case because the title is comparable to a chaired professorship.


Capitalize. Students who earn a 4.0 grade point ­average for the semester receive the designation Presidential Scholar; they are not technically on the dean’s list of their school or college, although the two lists are distributed together.


Upper case only before the name: President Abraham Baldwin appeared. Josiah Meigs, president of the University of Georgia, attended. When used without the name, use lower case: The president will attend the meeting.

CapitalizationTitles and Names

Or the Office of the President. Always capitalized.

Buildings and LocationsCapitalization

Houses the College of Pharmacy. Use the formal name of the building, the Robert C. Wilson College of Pharmacy, when context demands, but pharmacy building (lower case) is acceptable on all other references.

Buildings and LocationsCapitalization