Short form of World Wide Web. Follow AP style and lowercase its spelling. Do the same with website, webcam, webcast, webfeed, webmaster, webpage. Note that web address and web browser are each two, separate words.


The area of campus west of Lumpkin Street, generally the area of the high-rise residence halls; capitalized.

Buildings and LocationsCapitalization

The Tifton campus was established in 1918 as the Coastal Plain Experiment Station. It offers undergraduate completion programs for transfer students and graduate degree programs under the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

The campus is also home to the National Environmentally Sound Production Agriculture Laboratory, a collaborative, interdisciplinary research program that develops agricultural methods that safeguard natural resources. The UGA Extension Southwest District office, the Rural Development Center and the Tifton Campus Conference Center also are major parts of the campus.

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CapitalizationUGA Campuses

Always use the word “the” with the noun “University of Georgia,” except in lists of institutions. When “University of Georgia” is an adjective, “the” is not needed.

The university’s main and health sciences campuses are located in Athens. The university also has extended campuses in Tifton and Griffin and Gwinnett County. The Terry College of Business has an extended campus in Atlanta for three MBA programs.

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UGA or the university.

CapitalizationUGA Campuses

This is the name of a student organization and does not refer to the student center building or the student activities program.

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Capitalize Union.


No apostrophe; capitalized.

CapitalizationCentersPreferred Spelling

The university library program includes several separate libraries. The three major units (main, science and law) are housed in three separate buildings. Refer to the system as the University Libraries or UGA Libraries; individual libraries are lower case.

Buildings and LocationsCapitalizationDepartments/Offices/Units

Degree-completion programs have been offered at the Griffin campus since 2005. Additional undergraduate programs, as well as graduate programs, have been added in recent years.

Located 40 miles south of Atlanta, the Griffin campus was established in 1888 as the Georgia Experiment Station.

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CapitalizationUGA Campuses

The University of Georgia offers several graduate degree programs, as well as continuing education, at the campus, located at 2530 Sever Road in Lawrenceville, just off Interstate 85 at the Old Peachtree Road exit. 

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CapitalizationUGA Campuses

If a task force has a formal, given name, capitalize it: The University Council Task Force on Solid Waste Reduction will meet today.

If the reference is general or generic, do not capitalize: The University Council will appoint a task force on reducing solid waste.