Capitalize on first and/or formal references.

On first reference in written publications for an external audience, preface the name of the institute or center with “the University of Georgia” unless the full university name has been used earlier.

Note that some institutes are, in fact, academic departments within a school or college, while most are multidisciplinary or independent of departmental affiliation. Second reference terminology is suggested here only when it differs from “the institute.” Be wary of acronyms, initialisms or abbreviations that are regularly used within a given unit but are unfamiliar to wider audiences.

Institutes must be approved by the board of regents and University Council.

Institutes and centers differ in focus. A center provides an organizational base for research and a structure for extramural funding; a center is not an autonomous structure and is not involved in independently offering credit courses or degree programs. An institute shares a center’s focus but has a more formalized structure, may be an autonomous unit and offers credit courses and possibly degree programs.

On Second Reference

The name of the institute alone is acceptable but do not place the name before UGA in a sentence.