The full, formal names of schools and colleges ARE capitalized. Academic divisions, departments, and sequences within schools and colleges ARE NOT capitalized in writing for the news media: the division of biological sciences in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences; the department of reading education in the College of Education. In more formal writing, departments and divisions may be capitalized.

Capitalize “schools” that are in fact units (departments or groups of departments) within a college or school: the Hodgson School of Music and the Lamar Dodd School of Art are departments of the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences.

Generally, the full, formal names of major administrative divisions, departments, and offices ARE capitalized. Use lower case on second reference: the Division of Student Affairs, the student affairs division.

Capitalize the full, formal names of centers and institutes and lower case on second reference or in informal usage, when feasible: the Institute of Higher Learning, the higher education institute; the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center.

Capitalize the formal names of campus organizations and ongoing programs: Interfraternity Council, University Council.

IN ALUMNI PERIODICALS, capitalize formal programs and activities that are of special interest to alumni: Pooled Income Fund, Homecoming.

See the University of Georgia entry on capitalization of “university.”

See individual listings of buildings and titles and names.