Our message includes so much more than what we say; it is also how we say it. The characteristics on this page give shape to our voice. A compelling and recognizable voice gives our message greater permanence and credibility. Through the words we choose and how we choose to employ them, we can maintain a consistent tone in crafting a story that feels personal and real.

How does it sound?

  • Confident, but not cocky
  • Earnest, but not humorless
  • Humble, but not self-deprecating
  • Direct, but not pushy
  • Inspiring, but not didactic
  • Ambitious, but not over-reaching
  • Smart, but not pretentious
  • Matter-of-fact, but not blunt


Like a person, our brand has a personality made up of rational and emotional qualities. Each trait provides a context for how we communicate. These six personality traits will drive the voice and image for all Georgia communications.

Today, the brand feels…


We are personable, supportive and invested in others, as well as easygoing, kind and respectful.


We are hopeful, and we envision a better world that we are helping make possible.


We are guided by a respect for history,  tradition, and our Southern roots.

Moving forward, we want to strech the brand so it also feels…


We are ambitious, and we never stop searching for better answers and bigger solutions.


We are intentional and doggedly determined, guided by a clarity of purpose.


We are deeply invested, and our conviction—to our students, our state and our world—is unwavering.

Flexing Our Voice

Our brand has a number of different audiences, and it is important to ensure that our voice can flex to address and accommodate all of them. The way we talk to a prospective student will be different from how we talk to alumni or donors. So we alter our tone of voice accordingly to speak to all our audiences without losing our brand personality or our effectiveness.

Audience Dominant Personality Traits Content Example
Prospective Undergraduate & Graduate Students Pragmatic and optimistic. Energized and motivated. Actively seeking to apply hard work and skill to address society’s needs. Reflecting the innate nature of the students of the University of Georgia.

You have what it takes. Commit to it.

You know you have greatness within you. And at the University of Georgia, you’ll join a community of thinkers, leaders and challengers who are determined to help society take its next step forward. This is your time. Unleash the greatness within.

Current Students Spirited and intellectually curious. Ready to apply the lessons they are learning in the classroom to the world. Not afraid of a challenge and ready to commit to forging solutions for their community.

The moment when you realize justice is worth fighting for.

Every spring break, students at the University of Georgia have a choice. Pack a swimsuit and hit the beach, or don a pair of work gloves and start getting dirty. And while plenty choose the sand and the surf, just as many choose to get involved in Georgia’s IMPACT Service Breaks. From addressing homelessness in the Nation’s Capital to learning about and fighting human trafficking in the Deep South, service programs are one way students at Georgia are unleashing their greatness within.

Faculty & Staff Loyal and driven. A strong culture of collaboration and a deep sense of pride in their role at UGA.

Clean, sustainable solutions for our waterways. That’s our commitment.

When the Deepwater Horizon oil spill took place in 2010, Georgia researchers were among the first to respond. From coordinating recovery and cleanup efforts to monitoring the long-term effects on the Gulf of Mexico’s fragile ecosystem, the University of Georgia was there, making an impact. Because our commitment is not just to our community—it’s to the whole world.

Alumni & Donors Sincere and values-driven. Rooted in a strong foundation. Speaking to UGA’s strong and long-lasting heritage.

Our Georgia roots run deep. And so does our commitment.

Because all of us who walk through that arch at the end of our four years here share something thicker than blood and greater than ourselves. It’s our commitment to greatness that binds us, no matter where we are or what we’re doing. Here, at the University of Georgia, we all looked deep within ourselves to discover our greatness. And as Bulldogs, we go forth into world, fully committed to using our greatness for good.

Georgia Residents Proud and humble. Drawn to the University of Georgia as a point of pride for their state.

Where others waver, we stand firm.

The University of Georgia isn’t known for backing down. Whether it’s fighting infectious diseases, or traveling to the ends of the earth to save an endangered species, the University of Georgia works relentlessly to unleash the greatness within our great state. From Athens to Atlanta, Savannah to Valdosta, we stand proud in our commitment to Georgia and beyond.

Civic Leaders Analytical and results-oriented. Looking to see that state investment and funding in Georgia are being put to good use. Want to be able to feel proud of the university.

Finding a cure for Zika. That’s our commitment.

At the University of Georgia, we’re doing important things—like finding a cure for a virus the World Health Organization has called “an international health emergency.” Through collaborative research agreements with organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and GeoVax, Georgia researchers will be able to devote more time and resources to turning the tables on Zika.