Georgia’s typography communicates clearly and cleanly, and is flexible for a wide range of situations. 


Trade Gothic

Trade Gothic is our primary sans-serif family and a workhorse for our communications.

Merriweather Sans

Merriweather Sans, our secondary sans-serif, performs well at small sizes and in longer-form text.


For more sophisticated situations, Merriweather, our serif font family, is available. It works best for headlines and body copy.

Used together, these three typefaces create a clear hierarchy while making our content legible and engaging.

Trade Gothic is pre-installed on most systems. Merriweather and Merriweather Sans are both available for free from Google Fonts.

Digital/Web-Safe Alternative Fonts

Our brand fonts may not always be available for use in Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and other digital applications. The following fonts are appropriate substitutes.

Primary San-Serif Substitute


Light, Regular and Bold

Secondary San-Serif Substitute


Regular and Bold

Serif Substitute


Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold-Italic

San-Serif Alternative




Using type thoughtfully is crucial to making our designs look professional. Follow these tips to make sure our typography is consistent.


Line spacing, called leading, is critical to setting professional-looking type that is easy to read. Leading should be set tight, but not too tight. With our typefaces, text generally looks best with leading set slightly looser than the default.

Note: Start with leading that is one to two points higher than the point size of the text. This will not always be right, but leading can easily be adjusted from there.


Correct letter spacing, called tracking, also makes the type easy to read. Outside of headlines, text should always be tracked slightly tighter than the default setting, and optical kerning should be used when it is available.

Sample Settings

Use the specifications shown in this section as a starting point when setting type in a new layout. These proportions are designed for print, but they apply to digital and environmental applications as well. Since our three typefaces pair so well, keep in mind that it is possible to substitute one for the other to create layouts that feel more formal or more casual.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

“Commit To” Headlines

Always set “Commit to” headlines in Merriweather Bold and Trade Gothic.