Use of our marks on promotional items and merchandise should be done with thought and purpose. Use of University marks by any organization implies association. This page outlines how a requestor's access to University trademarks is based on association with the University of Georgia. All usage of University marks must be approved by the Office of Trademarks and Licensing prior to use.

External Groups

Companies interested in marketing, producing, or selling merchandise using university trademarks through retail distribution channels must obtain a license to do so. Fermata Partners manages the University of Georgia’s retail efforts. All companies must complete the application and the requirements for licensing as outlined by Fermata.

Internal Groups

Campus departments and recognized student organizations may use University of Georgia marks on product designs and on event promotional items. All departments and organizations must follow approval procedures.

Items requiring review and approval


Only colleges, schools, departments, divisions, units, and other groups and organizations officially recognized by the University of Georgia are allowed to use University trademarks in conjunction with their organization’s name as outlined in the Unit Logos section.

Student Groups

The University grants student organizations the right to use the University’s trademarks in custom designs consistent with each group’s recognized status. Student organizations must be officially registered and follow the Student Affairs trademark use approval process.


No individual, regardless of their affiliation with the University, may use any University mark in any manner that suggests or implies University support or endorsement of a point of view, personal or political opinion, business activity, or movement. The University recognizes the following exceptions:

  • Cakes/Edibles — Adding marks to cakes, cookies, and other edibles is permissible with prior University approval, in commemoration of student graduations, marriages, or other milestones.
  • Memorials/Grave Markers — Alumni, faculty, staff, and students of the University may, with prior University approval, use approved university marks in memorial of loved ones who have passed away.
  • Student Business Cards — Students may have approved business cards displaying the school/ college logo of which they are a student or with which they are officially associated, provided that the design of the card clearly indicates the student status of the cardholder.
Trademark Use Approval Form