Step 1 – Select vendor to produce promotional item/merchandise/apparel

Any product or item for internal usage that uses a University of Georgia mark must be produced by an approved, licensed vendor.

Approved Vendor List

Step 2 — Secure art proofs for review

An art proof from the vendor displaying the University of Georgia marks in use must be submitted to the Office of Trademarks and Licensing for approval before an order can be placed. If the vendor cannot provide an art proof for review, images of the promotional item along with a description indicating where/how the mark to be used will suffice.

Step 3 — Complete / submit approval form

Complete the trademark approval form in full and send along with an art proof to for compliance review and approval.

Approval Form

Step 4 — Compliance Review

The request will be reviewed using the following criteria:

  • Usage of licensed vendor(s);
  • Marks are not altered, obscured, or distorted in any way and are displayed with correct registration designations; and
  • Context of usage is in accordance with Board of Regents and University policies.

*Any submitted artwork that includes usage of any athletic mark will be reviewed by the UGAA in accordance with their policies governing trademark use.

Step 5 — Approval granted or denied

Following the completion of the trademark compliance review, requestors will be notified of whether their requested use has been approved or denied. If the requested use is approved, signed/dated approval forms will be returned to requestors and copies will be kept on file in the Division of Marketing & Communications.