Trademarked logos, words, and graphic configurations convey intellectual and emotional attributes and messages about an institution’s reputation, its missions, and services. It’s imperative to manage our trademarks because of the extensive use of our name, logos, and graphics, both internally and externally.


The mission of the Office of Trademarks and Licensing is threefold:

  • To protect and promote proper use and application of the trademarks that are associated with the University of Georgia;
  • To strengthen the trademarks through relationships with retailers, licensees, campus units, student organizations, alumni, and fans; and
  • To generate revenue that funds the university’s mission, and supports scholarships, student activities, and athletics programs.


  • Logo — the core identifier of an organization. It is a tool to build an identity for an organization which helps to communicate and represent a brand. It is the most consistent component in an organization’s communications.
  • Wordmark — a distinct text-only typographic treatment of the name(s) of an organization or institution used for identity and branding.
  • Configuration —  a graphic representation that includes logo elements and unit identifier(s) arranged in a specific manner to show hierarchy, purpose, or priority.

Our Trademarks

Below displayed are the primary logos of the University of Georgia. Usage of any other academic or athletic logos of the Univeristy, that are not included below, are also subject to University policies, style guides and procedures outlined on this site.


Approved Wording

The following descriptors are protected wording of the University of Georgia and require approval when used for promotional or marketing purposes:

  • University of Georgia®
  • Georgia®
  • UGA®
  • Bulldogs®
  • Dawgs®
  • Between The Hedges®
  • How ’Bout Them Dogs®
  • How ’Bout Them Dawgs®
  • Go You Silver Britches®
  • Hairy Dawg™
  • Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry™
  • Hunker Down™
  • University of Georgia Athletic Association™