For companies, associations, organizations, etc., use the official name on first reference.

Avoid using acronyms and initialism used only within the internal UGA community when writing for an external audience.

Do not insert an abbreviation in parentheses following the full name. Use the full name on first use and the abbreviation later, counting on the reader to make the connection; if clarification is necessary, do not use the abbreviation at all.

Note that ampersands are not used in running text; the abbreviations “Co.” and “Inc.” may be used, but they may be omitted entirely in all but the most formal settings, or when necessary for clarity.

Avoid use of B.S., M.A., Ph.D. and similar degree abbreviations when possible. See the related entry below on degrees.

For all usages, the University of Georgia may be abbreviated as UGA on second reference.

On Second Reference

An abbreviation, initialism or acronym may be used if its meaning will be clear to the reader.