Our brand has a number of graphic tools that work together to distinguish us from our peers and create a look that is instantly recognizable. When they are used consistently, these elements create continuity within our family of materials, across a variety of media.

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Lines are a great way to establish hierarchy, to guide navigation within a layout, to emphasize a word or phrase, and to organize content.They are an elementary graphic treatment, but by applying them deliberately, we can elevate a single design or family of communications. An easy way to be thoughtful about the use of lines is to establish a common weight throughout an entire piece of collateral.

.5pt minimum line width

2pt maximum line width


Borders can be a sophisticated graphic element; using them thoughtfully can add elegance to any piece.

.5pt minimum line width

2pt maximum line width

Framing Important Information

Framing Photography

Breaking the Framed Border

The border can be broken using a photograph, text or another graphic element.


Banners can function as an indicator for messaging or as a container for typography. Our banner element contains text and points the reader to important information.


Choose one of these two options to change the scale of the banner

Option 1

To maintain the object’s proportions as it scales, hold down Shift as you drag diagonally.

Option 2

Select both flat points with the white arrow and scale accordingly.


Banners may only be horizontal, pointing to the left or right. Do not point the banners up, down or at an angle.


As a Container for Text

As an Indicator


The shield often acts as a container for photography. Since the shield is derived from our logo, this graphic element should never be altered or traced. Always use the approved graphic elements as a starting point.

Used as a Graphic Element


To maintain the object’s proportions as it scales, hold down Shift as you drag diagonally.


Never rotate the shield.

Used as a Container

To use this element as a container, create a box within the shield, then place your chosen image into the box.

Expanding Columns

The columns element can compress and open up as needed to add energy to a spread. Text can be placed between the columns, or a column can be used to underline a certain word for emphasis.

Do not change the actual pixel width of these columns, only the height.


With the white arrow tool, select the points at the bottom of all the columns and scale them accordingly.


Only rotate a single column element by 90 degrees. Do not rotate them at any other angle.

Color Overlay

Use the multiply effect when columns and backgrounds are the same. If there is not enough contrast, change the tint for better results.


Expanding for Text

Expand the columns to fit the text. Make sure to add equal amounts of space between the column, the text box and additional columns.

Underlining for Emphasis

Place a single horizontal column beneath a word or phrase for additional emphasis.