Follow these tips when you are creating content to ensure that the spirit Georgia comes through.

Know your audience.

Identify the audience you are trying to reach, or nothing you say will reach them.

Focus on one thing.

Emphasize a single message. Include more, and your readers will either fail to retain what they have read or stop reading.

Make it personal.

It is important to establish a personal connection in all our communications. Use the second-person “you” and “your” to engage and motivate.

Avoid jargon.

Write clearly and keep your language personable. Jargon has its place, but our communications are not it.

Stay out of the past.

Amazing things are happening at Georgia right now. Use an active voice to tell the world about it.

Give the reader something to do.

Always include a clear call to action.

Choose wisely.

Every communication need not contain every detail. Focus on what is both important and relevant—clutter just gets in the way of our message.

Avoid clichés.

It is easy to resort to clichés. At first blush, they sound catchy. But they should be avoided. Use personality to our advantage by being original and engaging.

Do not force excitement.

If the message is not something we would yell, it does not deserve an exclamation point. Use this mark extremely sparingly, or better yet, not at all.

Incorporate some white space.

During reading, the eye needs places to rest, so the reader can digest information and understand the message. Work with a designer to ensure that your content is well organized and makes good use of white space.