Our identity is a powerful asset. The University of Georgia has a strong history of teaching, research and service centers, institutes and partnerships with university and professional entities that reflect our strength as a leading national research university. Co-branding can strengthen the identity of these centers, institutes and partnerships. By consistently applying all the elements of the visual identity we create and maintain a strong brand that reinforces who we are, how we define our personality and the value we provide to our state and our world.

Internal Partnerships/Sponsorships

Treatments for internal departments that partner on a program or initiative, as well as sponsorships (co-branding) have been created to prominently display their association with Georgia. For partnerships and co-branding the clear space can be the x-height of the word GEORGIA.

Equal Partnership/Sponsorship

Use the university logo and list all sponsors in alphabetical order if there are multiple university sponsors equal in sponsorship.

Horizontal solution (A) and vertical solution (B).

Partnership/Sponsorship with a Major Sponsor

When two or more units who use a college / school / administrative unit logo as their main identifier sponsor events, the university logo should not be repeated. The logo of the main college / school / administrative unit is used. All other sponsors are listed alphabetically and set in Merriweather with a smaller font size.

Horizontal solution (A) and vertical solution (B).

Internal Co-Branding

External Co-Branding

As the number of partnerships with outside companies, organizations, and academic institutions increase, there is a need to build structure around how to best represent Georgia in these partnerships.

The co-branded entity’s logo and the University of Georgia logo should be the same size and proportional to one another. The entity’s logo can be smaller, but must never be larger.

The entity’s logo and the University of Georgia logo should be separated by the X height of the Georgia wordmark. Ideally, the wordmark and entity logo will appear on opposite sides of the page on documents, displays, etc., being utilized by the co-branded entity. When that’s not possible, separate the two entities with the Georgia I-bar.

Promotional Graphics

A strong visual identity contributes to the University of Georgia reputation, increases our ability to recruit outstanding students, staff and faculty, and allows us to engage alumni, donors and friends. Using consistent visual elements when representing Georgia builds recognition. Just as a simple glance identifies a Starbucks coffee cup, friends and colleagues of Georgia should be able to tell at a glance that a T-shirt, sign, poster or other item is from the University of Georgia.

By consistently applying all the elements of the University of Georgia visual identity across all touchpoints, we create and maintain a strong brand that reinforces who we are, how we define our personality and the value we provide to our key audiences.

For that reason, we have defined a special logo system that can be used for:

  • initiatives
  • campaigns
  • conferences
  • events
  • open houses
  • anniversaries

An existing logo can be adapted as a promotional logo with approval from Marketing & Communications.

Alternatively, to request information on how you can have a new promotional logo designed, please contact Creative Services / Division of Marketing & Communications.

You may continue to use existing materials, collateral, displays, etc. When they are ready to be replaced or reprinted, use your new promotional logo.