An exception to the general rule of omitting the hyphen in “-wide” constructions.

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No apostrophe; capitalized.

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Maintained by the Office of Emergency Preparedness, UGAAlert provides emergency notification to the university community on multiple platforms.

The preferred way to write the name is one word and italicize “Alert.” For writing that is published in color, UGA should be black and “Alert” should be red.

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The UGACard is the official University of Georgia identification card for students, faculty, staff, official campus visitors and their dependents.

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AP style is to use “theater.” However, UGA has the Department of Film and Theatre Studies, with students earning Bachelor of Arts degrees in “theatre.” Also note these proper names: University Theatre, Tate Student Center Theatre, Department of Theatre and Film Studies.

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Use only the initials in referring to the previously designated Scholastic Aptitude Test or the Scholastic Assessment Test.

Score totals are written without a comma: 1500.

As with GPAs, federal law prohibits releasing individual student scores except with the explicit written permission of the student (not a parent).

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Redcoat Band is acceptable on first reference for this group which performs at football games and marches in parades. “Redcoat” is one word. The university’s band program includes several other ensembles, such as the Symphonic Band, the Concert Band and the Jazz Band. The band program is part of the Hodgson School of Music.

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No hyphen; adjective only. Avoid in print the noun “­postdoc,” informal academic jargon for a postdoctoral position or research or funding, or for someone engaged in postdoctoral work.

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No hyphen; adjective only. Avoid “postgrad.”

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