Social media can help accomplish a wide range of University and departmental goals. We need employees and groups to be responsible, smart and exercise good judgment. Your fans and followers control the social space – not you. You must guide it and drive engagement.

Here are some pointers to make your social programs effective and useful.

Familiarize yourself with all related UGA policies and guidelines before embarking on any social media activity related to your role.

Before You Start

Consider these questions:

  • Do you need your own account? Research UGA’s existing presence on social platforms before creating anything new.
  • Who are you trying to engage with?
  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • What’s the aim of your interactions: educate, inform, celebrate?
  • How will you measure success? Plan to measure based on marketing goals/objective
  • Familiarize yourself with all university policies that pertain to social media
  • Remember that on social media you will not only represent your department/unit, you represent all of UGA

Get Ready: Research and planning

  • Prepare and set strategic priorities for social media
  • Plan how you will create and source content for your accounts
  • Develop a content calendar as a guide for topics and actions
  • Familiarize yourself with the social media style guide (coming soon)
  • Join the Social Media Users Group (SMUG) Facebook Group and Listserv and connect with the UGA social community

Get set: Tips for key channels

Set-up your social media profiles on your chosen platforms. Remember, you will likely need to share login details internally so avoid using your individual email address. Make sure more than one person has access to your social account in case of an emergency.

Pro Tip: ask EITS to set up an alias email address (“”) to use for all social accounts or create one on Google.


  • Create Facebook page and choose category
  • Provide appropriate page name. We recommend this format: UGA ________. Once your page gets 25 likes you can also create a Vanity URL (
  • Read terms and conditions and get started
  • Confirm your Facebook account and add profile logo and a high-quality cover photo
  • Edit the section “About” to give users info about your department/unit
  • Follow other UGA pages, including the University of Georgia Facebook page


  • Download and install the app on a mobile device (You can only post to Instagram on mobile devices)
  • Create Instagram profile
  • Upload logo, provide short intro and link to website
  • Follow other UGA accounts, including @universityofga


  • Sign up on home page and fill out information required
  • Read terms and conditions and create account
  • Add photo, short bio, link to your website
  • Follow other UGA accounts, including @universityofga. Browse the ‘Who to follow’ tab for users you’d like to follow


  • Follow the necessary steps and create profile
  • Add page photo and adjust thumbnail
  • Add introductory text about your department/unit


  • Create a YouTube account and fill out personal information (use Google username)
  • Read terms and conditions and get started
  • Add elements to customize your profile page (picture, background etc.)
  • Upload video files as 'link only' for approval first. Bear in mind all rights, privacy and legal considerations.

Go: Remember the basic rules

  • Remember that you represent UGA and that anything you say will have an impact on UGA’s reputation
  • Protect confidential information.
  • Be honest, accurate and ethical.
  • Don’t announce things that aren’t yours
  • Focus on building long-term relationships with followers and fans
  • Contact other page owners about promoting your content and vice versa
  • Create, maintain and update content calendar and campaign plans
  • Refer to UGA’s Social Media Policies and Guidelines

Need help responding?

We’ve got your back! Contact Marketing & Communications or ask the UGA SMUG community for advice.


  • Use large, high-quality images on profiles
  • Make sure your logos match on all social profiles
  • List hashtags in bios (#UGA, #UGATerry, etc)
  • Don’t underestimate the power of emojis ��
  • Reference our A–Z directory to find other UGA accounts to follow
  • Share and tag other UGA accounts who might have a shared audience or interest in your content