Bold and interesting headlines compel our audiences to read further and listen to what we have to say. Use them to command attention and make a strong statement.

The headline frameworks on this page can help you stay on brand and maintain consistency in our language. Note that these examples are meant to be thought starters for communicators: Not every headline should follow these constructions or include the word “commit,” so feel free to mix things up with these frameworks as your guide.

Sample Headlines

“Commit To                .”

Simple, bold and to the point. This construction allows the headline to make a big declaration that we pay off in the body copy.

  • Commit to better solutions.
  • Commit to what inspires you.
  • Commit to each other.

“you have (Characteristic) Within You. Commit To It.”

This adds a little more detail to the challenge, and calls the reader’s attention to their potential within.

  • You have greatness within you. Commit to it.
  • You have passion within you. Commit to it.

“Where Commitment Meets                .”

The University Georgia is a crossroads where our commitment to greatness meets the attributes that enable us to achieve incredible breakthroughs. This framework highlights these attributes and allows us to tell the stories behind them.

  • Where commitment meets creativity.
  • Where commitment meets justice.
  • Where commitment meets conservation.
  • Where commitment meets public health.

“That’s My/Our Commitment.”

We have powerful stories, and the people behind them have a lot to tell the world. Find stories that showcase the Georgia commitment.

  • Finding a cure for Zika. That’s my commitment
  • Another championship for Georgia. That’s my commitment.
  • Stronger, healthier communities. That’s our commitment.

“(Grand Challenge or Issues)? Sign Us Up.”

In our own backyard, all over the world, and in fields as varied as agriculture, genetics and health care, Georgia tackles the world’s grand challenges with a “get after it” mentality. We are not afraid to zero in on the big problems we are working hard to solve.

  • Trekking through mountains to deliver food? Sign us up.
  • Closing the gender pay gap? Sign me up.
  • Salt marshes that are suffering? Sign us up.
  • Volunteers needed in Central America? Sign us up.

“To The                ,                , and                . We See You.”

We have the top students and brightest minds at the University of Georgia. This structure is a call to the best prospective students and talented faculty out there, inviting them to join our motivated community and pursue their passions.

  • To the risk-takers, entrepreneurs and big-doers. We see you.
  • To the hard-workers, culture-shapers and tech innovators. We see you.
  • To the heavy-lifters, the night owls and early risers. We see you.

“It’s More Than                . It’s                .”

It is the love we have for our students, our state and our world that pushes us to seize every opportunity and exceed expectations in the work we do.

  • It’s more than a passion. It’s our calling.
  • It’s more than a cure. It’s an entire new world for patients.
  • It’s more than an undefeated season. It’s a legacy extended.

“The Moment When                .”

We never forget the true motivation for all we do. The moments from ordinary life that shift perspective and make everything clear. It is a product of working tenaciously every day. We should shine the spotlight on these moments to show the infinite possibilities and ways we achieve greatness at the University of Georgia.

  • The moment when you discover how to save a species.
  • The moment when you go further than you ever thought you could.
  • The moment when you wanted to give up but you didn’t.
  • The moment when you find a way to give an entire community sustainable resources.

“Where Others                , We                .”

It is evident in our relentless drive on the athletic field: we are a competitive institution. Our hard work and dedication to discovery separate us from the pack. With this construction, we demonstrate how our story differentiates us from our competitors.

  • Where others give up, we stand our ground.
  • Where others drift apart, we come together.
  • Where others walk away, we step forward.