Our brand is how we tell our story. And our story is not just the words we use, or the banners we unfurl, or the traditions we hold dear. It is all those things and more, working together to create a distinctive look, feel and voice that people will immediately recognize as the University of Georgia.

The principles outlined here help us tell our story consistently, whether we are talking to prospective students, alumni or donors. Because when we honor our commitment, our story cannot be denied.

These guidelines will help you to stay true to the University of Georgia story. To tell it confidently and honestly. To illustrate it boldly and clearly. To ensure that generations of Bulldogs continue to commit to greatness.

What is a brand?

It is more than a logo, a slogan, a mascot or an ad campaign.

A brand is:

  • the promise we make to our audiences.
  • the essence of our organization.
  • the experience we create.
  • the personality we convey.
  • the message we deliver.
  • the identity we express.

A brand:

  • captures and communicates our distinct mission and culture.
  • defines and differentiates our approach to the challenges facing our city, state, nation and planet.
  • makes who we are as an institution known, felt and understood.
  • builds pride and inspires faculty, staff, students and alumni.

Most of all, our brand helps us tell our authentic story. The guidelines in this toolkit define and describe the various parts of the Georgia brand, and offer examples of how we bring it to life across our institution and through our communications. Our brand is a living brand, and accordingly, this is a living document. The principles and guidelines set forth here are a map and a guidebook, but there are an infinite number of ways to tell our story.