This section captures the key messages of our story, which we convey in all aspects of our brand. The strategy helps define who we are and why we exist, the audiences we serve and our unique role in higher education. The strategy is more than what we do: it is the impact that we can have on our students, our state and our world.

Communication Pillars

We want to tell a more unified story with balanced pillars. This work will result in an umbrella brand platform that unifies the institution and provides a foundation for telling our stories. These include stories about our academics and outcomes; stories about our culture, spirit and pride; stories about research; and stories about service.

Tomorrow, we want to tell a unified story with three balanced pillars.

Our Audiences

Audience Includes Objective
The Georgia Family
  • Current students and families
  • Faculty
  • Staff and administration
Align — Build alignmentn around Georgia’s umbrella brand story and comprehensive offer.
The Extended Family
  • Alumni and donors
  • Residents and communities in teh state of Georgia
  • Bulldog fans
  • Employers in teh state of Georgia
  • Legislators
Engage — Enghance the reputation of the university and strengthen engagement and advocacy for the institution beyond athletics.
The Future Georgia Family
  • Prospective students and their families
Engage and Connect
The Public
  • Peer institutions
  • Press and media
  • National and international employers
  • Research funders
  • Institutional donors
  • Others
Connect — Generate greater visibility for Georgia, building stronger relationships and partnerships.