Pursuit of on-going education and training can give many staffers the essential workplace skills needed for job and career success. Whether seeking to sharpen skills or add new ones, staff can grow opportunities with any of the below resources.  Most are free, but more in-depth certificate and degree level courses may require fees.

Career Advancement Programs

For those university professionals that desire a deeper understanding of strategic areas of marketing communications with access to on-campus instructors and resources, the following courses are recommended.

Market Research

A comprehensive online study program covering all the fundamentals of market research ideal for those on-campus marketers seeking to understand the underlying drivers of consumer behavior. This fee based course is a self-guided introduction to the discipline.

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Multiple course offerings advance staffers from novice to proficiency by exploring all aspects of photography. Marketing professionals on-campus can produce professional quality photographs and images that add polish and emphasis to presentations and marketing collateral.

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Technology Skills & Applications

Advances in technology continue to revolutionize the way in which marketers interact with both consumers and data. The following courses can provide on-campus professionals with valuable skills for designing engaging websites with state-of-the-art analytic tools, employing effective digital marketing techniques, and creating appealing content.

Project Management

At the heart of all marketing programs is project management. The on-campus marketing must be able to shepherd any number of projects from inception to fruition, while maintaining timely deliverables and minimizing budgetary and extraneous delays. Below are links to certificate programs that provide any marketer any superior project management resources so that all programs and related tasks are completed on-time and with the highest degree of accuracy:

Degree Completion

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

Information, application, deadlines and policy for degree programs. Please review all TAP policies, procedures, and other information available on the University System of Georgia (USG) website.

The USG system-wide TAP application form is available on the USG website. TAP forms should be scanned/emailed to tap@uga.edu.

TAP Application Deadlines

Term Applying For Application Deadline
Fall July 15
Spring November 15
Summer April 15

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Qualtrics Series

Of particular importance to on-campus communicators is marketing research mastery. UGA Human Resources offers research training with the Qualtrics Series. Measuring program and campaign results helps to ensure ongoing success.  Whether your constituent audience is completely satisfied with your program, or incremental changes are needed, Qualtrics can help. This robust survey tool is available to all university faculty & staff, free of charge.

Qualtrics Series through UGA

Cultural Awareness, Appreciation and Inclusion Program

UGA Diversity & Inclusion Certification

An open and welcoming environment are essential for fostering workplace satisfaction for all. This program offers insight into strategic areas for improved diversity awareness. By looking not only at personnel but at the institution overall, learners can better understand their role in supporting diversity at UGA.

All strategic communicators at the university are encouraged to take advantage of this very important program.

A combination of at least one core course and five elective courses are offered every quarter. To receive the Diversity and Inclusion Certificate, the completion of one core course and five elective courses is required.

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Learning Opportunities Offered by UGA Human Resources

UGA Human Resources provides free and fee-based professional and personal development courses, programs and e-learning opportunities.  Enhance soft skills and learn best practices in workplace leadership and staff development from on-campus practitioners by completing any of the following courses:

  • Leadership Development
  • Supervisory Excellence Program
  • Employee Career Development
  • UGA Young Dawgs Program
  • Compliance Training
  • Work/Life Balance

UGA Training & Development