One Red

The colors used in the university signature help make it a distinguishable element of Georgia’s identity. It is important to be consistent in the use of color. Our logos are created in a spot version of PMS 200 which we label “PANTONE 200 UGA” with a CMYK value (CMYK: 18/100/87/9) different from the one listed on the branding guide and the licensing sheet (CMYK: 3/100/70/12).

Why did we do this?

When we convert PANTONE colors to CMYK in Adobe software, the results do not match the values in the PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE guide. Why is this? The PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE digital libraries convert CMYK values one way; Adobe Creative Suite converts it another. Since most of us work in Adobe, it’s best to leave the reds to the printers. They know their printers, their ink mixes, their paper and our red. Since CYMK renders differently between screens and software, make sure the printer understands that PANTONE 200 UGA is our BULLDOG RED and Pantone’s PMS 200.

You can order a set of Pantone color matching chips by calling (888) 726- 8663 or ordering online from the Pantone website. We also recommend two great insider training classes from — Printing to PDF and InDesign Insider Training: Preflight and Printing. Both offer great tips and explanations.